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Allan with the turkeys

Grizzly Valley Farm is a family-run farm, nestled against a low mountain that faces southwest, in the Grizzly Valley near Lake Laberge. The view is awesome, the countryside is quiet, and the neighbours are friendly. When Allan and I bought the 25- acre farm, there were only a few outbuildings.

We knew that in order to farm here, we would have to build from scratch, but that also allowed us to plan the layout the way we wanted. Both Allan and I grew up on small farms in Saskatchewan, so going back to farming was like going back home. In 2003, we began with the desire to raise our own foods naturally. Wanting to be good stewards of the land, we started with only a small vegetable garden, a few laying hens and some turkeys. In the fall of that year, we joined the Saturday morning farmers’ market at Takhini Gas to sell some of our surplus produce. It was an experience we found very satisfying.

With the demand for farm fresh meat and produce in mind, we expanded our farm operation by enlarging the garden and increasing the size of the flock of laying hens and turkeys. We also began to raise broiler chickens and pigs.

We believe in diversity and self-sustained agriculture. We are still looking at other types of livestock and different ways of farming that work best in the Yukon. Loving the life we lead on the farm, we hope to supply some of the demand for farm-fresh, naturally raised meat, eggs and vegetables for a long time to come.

Pigs in outside pen

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